MA in Literature-Art-Media

This study programme focuses on the cultural, technical and aesthetic characteristics of different media and how they manifest themselves in different forms of social communication.

You will reflect on the potential of art and literature not only as practical tools, but also - in tandem with theory construction - to exhibit, disturb and playfully develop their subjects further. Thus, through the analysis of concrete artefacts, you will gain significant insights into media practices affecting the handling of images, photographs, films, maps or diagrams, narratives and documentation, the collecting of objects or data, etc. You will approach these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective that is also relevant to urgent contemporary questions.

As an MA student in the Literature-Art-Media programme, you are free to choose your own area of specialisation in either art or media. Alternatively, you may opt for an interdisciplinary approach focusing on the interface between literature and art and/or literature and media.


The application period for the winter semester ends on 15 June!

Departmental student advisory service

If you have general questions about the study programme, the examination regulations, your student account, internships, form 5 for requesting BaföG (German Federal Training Assistance Act), etc., please contact Dr Daniel Hütter. For advice related to your subject and for questions regarding the recognition of credits earned abroad or at other universities, please contact Dr Christoph Gardian (literature), Sandra Hindriks (art) und Professor Beate Ochsner (media).

Departmental student advisory service


Anna-Maria Post



Laura Feurle

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Professor Beate Ochsner

Room H 215

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