Application Deadline: 15 July 2022

The Master of Arts program “Global European Studies” is intended for interested students from Germany and abroad, both in and outside of Europe. Students may begin the program in each winter semester.

The program’s cultural studies curriculum is dedicated to the complex interrelationship between European and global developments, as well as to the cultural dimensions of Europe.

Admission is offered after the approval of the candidate’s formal qualifications by the University of Konstanz’s Division of Student Affairs and Teaching (Office for Application and Admissions) and the consideration of the application essay.

Requirements for Students

The target group of the MA program are highly qualified students who want to explore cultural dimensions of Europe from an academic perspective and who have successfully completed a first qualifying degree (usually a Bachelor of Arts) with a German grade of at least 2,5 or the equivalent.

Relevant departments for first degrees could include: Cultural Studies, Literature, Art and Media Studies, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnology, Politics or Political Science, European or Regional Studies, or a similar field of study.

Admissions Requirements & Application Documents

Documentation of final grade in first degree: at least 2,5 (or equivalent)

Only those students who can provide documented proof of a final earned grade in a first degree program of at least 2,5 or the local equivalent, in accordance with Admissions Policy § 3, Par. 1, will be considered for admission.

Generally this can be documented with the diploma, including the final grade, for the BA degree (or a recognized foreign equivalent). Please remember to submit a detailed list of completed courses and credits with your application.

If you have not yet completed your first degree by the application deadline (for instance, if certain credits still need to be completed or added to your transcript), please submit instead of a diploma an official transcript of records (or a comparable record of all courses and credits completed in your first degree by the time of application) with a current average grade. If the preliminary average grade is not significantly below 2,5 (and you fulfill all other admissions requirements), you may be conditionally admitted to the MA program “Global European Studies” without a diploma.

By October at the latest, you must have completed all incomplete credits in your first degree program. The diploma with a final grade of at least 2,5 is to be submitted at the latest two months after the commencement of the MA program (in January).

Documentation of German Language Skills (C1)

All applicants must demonstrate a high level of written and spoken competency in German (level C of the Common European Framework of Reference or CEFR for languages).

If German is not your native language, you must submit proof of your German language ability via one of the following certifications (or a recognized equivalent) in your application:

  • Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (German language test for university entrance), Level 2 (DSH2)
  • Test DaF (at least four points in all four sections)
  • Applicants from China: APS Certificate from the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Beijing (in original)
  • Applicants from Mongolia: APS Certificate from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ulaanbaatar (in original)
  • Applicants from Vietnam: APS Certificate from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Hanoi (in original)

You can find more information about the possibilities to document your German language skills for your studies at the University of Konstanz here.

Personal statement

The personal statement, which is to be included in the application, should offer insight into the applicant’s individual motivation for application and the reason for their choice of the MA program “Global European Studies.” It should also touch on the applicant’s significant interest in cultural-theoretical as well as cultural-historical questions concerning Europe. The personal statement should be no longer than two pages.

Additional application documents

  • Application for admission
  • If applicable, current proof of enrollment including semester of study at institution and in department of degree, OR proof of deregistration including number of semesters of study completed at institution and in department of degree
  • If applicable, explanation of incomplete credits in first degree program
  • If applicable, formless application (with documentation) for recognition as a case of hardship

Contact partners and responsible parties

For questions relating to:

  • Curriculum and program content
  • Structure of program
  • Program administration
  • Admissions requirements
  • Application documents
  • Admissions process

For questions relating to:

  • Application process
  • Deadlines
  • Admission and rejection letters
  • Admissions via waiting list
  • Re-registration
  • Enrollment
  • Formal admissions requirements for the program

Department of Student Affairs and Teaching
Office of Applications and Admissions

For applicants from Germany:
Wiebke Auer

For international applicants:
Lora Schlothauer