Konstanzer Hefte zur Medienwissenschaft

The journal "AugenBlick. Konstanzer Hefte zur Medienwissenschaft" aims to take into consideration the entire spectrum of current media studies research, including the theory, history and aesthetics of technical media. The journal was established in 1985 at the University of Marburg and has been published by the working group Media Studies at the University of Konstanz since 2013. It focuses on topics in film and television studies. However, it also provides a forum for questions from media history, image theory and sound aesthetics. The journal explores the interfaces with art and cultural studies. It presents an interdisciplinary research environment in cultural studies for which media have become a key question more than ever before.

Current issue

Issue no. 87 (6/2023) Cinegames: Filmspiele und Spielfilme, published by Markus Spöhrer This issue of AugenBlick is concerned with the ubiquitous relationship between digital games and films that has characterized the video game market since the 1970s. The focus lies on various intermedial phenomena such as film and video game adaptations, cinematic or ludic mise-en-scène of games and films, processing of game and film aesthetics (e.g. the "interactive camera"), full motion video games, interactive films and, last but not least, concrete and detailed analyses of cinematic games or game-like films.


Published by Beate Ochsner, Isabell Otto, Bernd Stiegler (University of Konstanz) and Alexander Zons (LMU Munich).

A publication of the working group Media Studies
at the Department of Literature of the University of Konstanz

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University of Konstanz, Department of Literature – Media Studies
Universitaetsstrasse 10, Box 157, 78464 Konstanz

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